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Thread: FLHX 2014 disc help

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    orlfab Guest

    Default FLHX 2014 disc help

    Hi, I'm new of forum.
    I need a support about a discs configuration for my FLHX 2014.
    Actually my bike has SE Ventilator Air Cleaner, S&S Power Dual Tune Header (2/1/2), FatShots with 12 disc for each muffler and open cap . The configuration was tuned on dyno with SEST.
    But I'm not sure is a good configuration about the number of disc with open cap.
    I reduced at 8 disc for muffler with open cap and the bike is quite good, but if I reduce the number of disc to 6 ore less the bike run bad.
    So what is the correct configuration for this bike? I need to retune on dyno?
    I want to have a well balanced low-mid range torque/power (2000-3500 rpm)

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    bschultz Guest


    Sounds like you've already hit it with 8-10 discs.

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    orlfab Guest


    So you suggest to stay with 8 disc and open cap? with this config I don't need to re-tune?
    If i want obtain the best performance form bike what is the best configuration with open and cap? (I can re-tune if necessary)

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    bschultz Guest


    I'd jump on the bike and go enjoy my new ride.

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