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Thread: Burning up the packing with old #027-7853

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    Default Burning up the packing with old #027-7853

    I recently picked up a 1999 Ultra Classic with the MM EFI, it has the Big Sucker air kit and 510 cams with a Fullsac true dual kit on it.

    The slip-ons have the number #027-7853, they have the center bolt with the closed end and 12 discs on each side.

    When I pulled them apart the packing on the right side was half gone and burnt and the left side was completely gone.

    I picked up some packing from the local cycle shop (not Harley specific) and it sounded great! but within 4 months the same thing happened.

    The plugs look grayish black and look black at the top of the threads.

    My question is do I need to change the number of discs or do you think its a map issue or both?

    Also, I have read about some ceramic blanket used as packing so that it wont burn up as fast?

    I appreciate any suggestions?
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