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    I've got a 1993 HD FLHTC with a 107 ci Ultima motor in it. When I purchased the engine I was told to put a 2-1 pipe on for proper performance. Not knowing alot about pipes at the time friends pushed me towards a Thunderheader which I now have, it seems to perform fine but it is way too LOUD for my liking. I'm now leaning towards the SuperTrapp 2-1 Supermeg. My only concern is that this may be too loud also. Do any of you have some experience with this setup that will help me make this decision and give me piece of mind that I made the right one. My wife doesn't want me to grow my pipe collection any larger. Thanks for any input.

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    bschultz Guest


    I don't believe you will find a quieter 2:1 performance pipe.

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    snojunkie Guest


    I'm just a little curious as to how much you can change the sound level by adding or subtracting discs, I talked to a tech guy on the phone who said less discs is quieter but by how much? I want to believe but I'm trying to figure out how to gauge this so that I don't add to my pipe collection. I'm not trying to be stealthlike, but I need to cut the sound level by quite a bit, without choking my motor off. I'm hoping that this is an achievable goal.

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    bschultz Guest


    Our SuperTrapp SuperMeg 2:1 SAE J2825 dB test results (idle/2K RPM)on a stock '07 FLHRC;
    20 discs 91.4/92.2
    18 discs 90.8/97.5
    16 discs 90.2/96.8
    14 discs 89.5/97.5
    Keep in mind, most engine performance mods, even something as simple as a freer flowing air filter, will increase sound levels.
    Hearing is may want to ask around your local dealers. They may have one on a bike in inventory or a customer's bike in for service that has one installed.
    If you're lucky enough to live in a warm weather climate, a bike night in your area might be a good place to look and listen.
    Even if the SuperTrapp SuperMeg is quietest 2:1 performance pipe available, will meet your expectations/requirements?
    Sound and art have a common element…the beholder, who is key.
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    snojunkie Guest


    Do you have an idea on how many discs I would be looking at with a 107 cu. in. Ultima motor, it is an EVOLUTION style motor not a twin cam. It is supposed to be about 115 hp.

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    bschultz Guest


    I would start tuning with 16-17 discs.

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