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Thread: Quick question on discs and installation

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    chrisfoot Guest

    Default Quick question on discs and installation

    I had a shop install a stage 1 kit which included a high flow air cleaner, no cat header, and a Fatshots muffler. I then went up to the HD shop and got a stage1 download.

    Bike is a 103.

    The shop installing the mufflers installed all the disks. I checked on the website and saw that it comes with 12 disks. The bike runs great, sounds great - not as loud as I thought at cruise.

    After the install I have a noticeable vibration in my right floorboard. I got the bike hot and loosened up all connections from exhaust flange to the muffler bolts under the bags. Torqued them according to specs starting at flange all the way to the back then did the muffler to header clamp last. Pipe is not hitting anywhere. Still have a vibration but not as bad.

    Would the removal or addition of disks help? I am wondering if the no cat pipe and the freeflow muffler is generating a harmonic vibration.

    Any recommendations?


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    Harleyfoever20 Guest


    Adding or removing discs probably will not affect your vibration issue. I assume you had a aftermarket head pipe installed. Your stocker is a heavy cast iron head pipe, thus not as prone to vibration. Your new one is probably significantly lighter and maybe not fit exactly like the stocker. I would keep an eye on your fasteners for a while and make sure bolts are tight and brackets are not broken. If vibration still an issue, it could be one of those things you just may have to live with.

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    bschultz Guest


    You can try adding/removing discs, can't hurt; however disc count is most likely not your issue. Is your bike a later model 6 speed? If so was the P-clamp transmission bracket retained/used on the replacement pipe?

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    chrisfoot Guest


    Yes, my model is a 6 speed. I should have stated that the head pipe is an original, stock version that has had the cat removed. I made sure nothing was binding during the lossening/tightening work I performed on it. Everything seems to be in line, no binding and torqued to specifications.

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    Harleyfoever20 Guest


    The only thing I can think of off the top of my head was if your head pipe was cut and re welded after the cat was removed. The pipe might have warped when it was welded back up. If it is is the case your options are, (1) replace the pipe with a 2009 style head pipe the have some O2 ports welded if the 2009 style does not fit your needs. 2009 head pipe does not have cats. (2) purchase a fuel moto or fullsac pipe. With both of those pipes you can use your stock heat shields. Same with a 2009 H-D pipe. A Vance and Hines power dual pipe will work too. Not sure how serious your vibration is but if it wasn't a issue before and now it is Leads me to think that you pipe might have been bent after being reworked.

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    bschultz Guest


    P-clamp installed?

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