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Thread: Supertrapp equivalent of Screamin Eagle mufflers

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    BigD Guest

    Default Supertrapp equivalent of Screamin Eagle mufflers


    I have a pair of HD FatShotz installed on my 2011 Road king Classic. I love the sound and performance. I am now looking to purchase a 2014 Ultra Limited to add to my collection. On this bike I want to black out the engine and most other parts. I do not see an option for black in the HD catalog or on the Supertrapp site. Can you tell me if they are available in black?

    If not, I see there are a couple of other options in the HD catalog that appear to be Supertrapp products. I am interested in the sound level of those products but not sure how to cross reference the Supertrapp part numbers so I can look them up in the sound chart you have on the web. The HD part numbers are as follows:

    65430-10 Screamin Eagle Thunder
    64900187 Screamin Eagle Street Cannons
    64900091 Screamin Eagle Nightstick 2:2

    If you could please let me know which model/part number theyy relate to on the ST site.

    Also, I really love the Fatshotz. Is there a way to turn the fatshotz black in a way that will match the other black components and won't come off when they heat up?

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    bschultz Guest


    The Screaming Eagle line of exhaust is exclusive to HD and produced to HD specs. Some of these units may share some SuperTrapp components or dimensions; however have their differences, including sound.
    Your Harley Davidson Dealer should be able to assist you with db levels.

    One of the exhaust coating services such as "Jet Hot" should be able fill your color change requirement on the muffler bodies.

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    11limited Guest


    will supertrapp or kerker baffles fit in screaming eagle mufflers want to go louder than h-d offers

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    bschultz Guest


    The 3.5" muffler bodies (with the 3 hole/screw end-cap attachment) are part of the Kerker muffler body family and cores/baffles are interchangeable. Keep in mind however the catalyst in the headpipe (OEM 2010 & up) soak up a tremendous amount of sound. The sound level from the same muffler on a non-cat equipped headpipe and cat equipped headpipe may be several db's.

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