I have a pair of HD FatShotz installed on my 2011 Road king Classic. I love the sound and performance. I am now looking to purchase a 2014 Ultra Limited to add to my collection. On this bike I want to black out the engine and most other parts. I do not see an option for black in the HD catalog or on the Supertrapp site. Can you tell me if they are available in black?

If not, I see there are a couple of other options in the HD catalog that appear to be Supertrapp products. I am interested in the sound level of those products but not sure how to cross reference the Supertrapp part numbers so I can look them up in the sound chart you have on the web. The HD part numbers are as follows:

65430-10 Screamin Eagle Thunder
64900187 Screamin Eagle Street Cannons
64900091 Screamin Eagle Nightstick 2:2

If you could please let me know which model/part number theyy relate to on the ST site.

Also, I really love the Fatshotz. Is there a way to turn the fatshotz black in a way that will match the other black components and won't come off when they heat up?