As this is my first post, I'll use this opportunity to introduce myself. I run a Harley-Davidson performance shop in England, and have a machine shop and a Superflow Cycledyn. Whilst I still rebuild older engines, the bulk of my work is with performance upgrades to the fuel injected Twin Cams and Sportsters. The recommendation that I make to my customers is to use the Supermeg, as I have had good, consistent results, without an objectionable noise level. It would be fair to say, that I have a lot of experience with this pipe.
One thing that puzzles me, however, is why there are so many variations for the same models, and wonder whether some rationalisation would be of benefit, both from a production, and stock holding point of view.
Here's a couple of examples..
FLH 85-06 (71543) and FLH 07-08 (71576). The headers, muffler, and heat shields are the same. The 85-06 attaches to the existing OEM bracket on the 5 speed transmission with a band clamp. The 07-08 comes with a bracket that replaces the OEM bracket on the 6 speed transmission, and also has 18mm sensor bosses. Why not just add an extra band clamp and a pair of sensor boss plugs to the later version, and have the one part number to run from 85-08?
Similarly, for the 09 frame change the 71578, with the 18mm bungs is a one year only part. The 71580 (10-current), is the same fitment, but with 12mm bosses close to the collector. Why not just have one part number, with both size sensor bosses, and two sets of plugs?
A similar situation exists with the Dynas and Softails, as they switched from 18mm to 12mm sensors.
Also, would you consider supplying 18mm sensor boss plugs with a different hex head? The 1" hex is a pig to get to for tightening, and it would make more sense to use a 7/8 (22mm) so that existing sensor removing tools would fit.