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    82xt Guest

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    I have an 1982 Xt550 with an old supertrapp system on it, i was thinking of running it with the 4inch open end cap, has anyone ever used just the open end cap with no disks?
    will it effect the performance of the system if i were to just run it without any disks but using the end cap?
    I have been having a hard time trying to find any info about these end caps.

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    bschultz Guest


    An open end cap can be run by itself, it is the same as running 10-12 discs with a closed end cap. Keep in mind this will render the muffler NON spark arrested and may be to lean for stock jetting AND sound levels will be greater than using discs with a closed end cap + discs.

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    82xt Guest


    Well i bought my bike used, so idk the jetting, but the supertrapp that it came with currently has 8 disks and it does not have lean symtoms and the spark plug is a brown color. so i think the jetting is okay. Does it seem that if i were to run the open cap it would run to lean? since i have 8 disks currently and the cap itself is 10-12 discs.
    And i only use the bike on road so i am not worried about it being spark arrested.

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    bschultz Guest


    Yes, there is that potential of running will be an experiment.

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    82xt Guest


    I purchased an open end cap and tried it out today, works great, love the sound, good power, did not have to re-jet, BUT my bike could have been jetted in the past.

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