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Thread: Switchback Nightstick too loud

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    Haloferax Guest

    Default Switchback Nightstick too loud

    I have an unusual issue for you people.

    My Dyna Switchback is equipped with SE Ventilator air cleaner and SE Nightstick slip-on (Stage I with proper tune).
    This configuration makes the bike much nicer to ride, especially at low rpm, over stock.

    However, with 16 disks, although the sound tone is nice and low , it is way too loud and I hate being noisy. This might shock Harley riders, but I do not like high volume exhausts. I enjoy being able to roam through the countryside without disturbing people too much. My sound level preference is obtained with 10 disks. The sound is still low and deep but not too loud. Unfortunately, the exhaust then delivers lower performance than the stock exhaust (so what's the use then).

    My question is, is it possible to lower the volume of my exhaust without affecting (too much) the performance? In other words, can I make my Nightstick have 16-disk performance with 10-disk sound level?

    I've noticed the tuner core kit 100-7872. Would replacing the inner raw tube of my Nightstick with this perforated tube and glass packing help reduce exhaust volume? Should I also add some kind of dB killer?

    My wish is to have low rpm agreement and torque, deep low tone (bass) without the high volume. I want to stay below 90-92 dB at 2500 rpm.

    Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.

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    bschultz Guest


    The "tuner core", P/N 100-7872 is a step in the right direction. Going back to 16 discs along with the perforated tube core and fiberglass packing will provide a quieter deeper tone and regain the performance. Whether it will reach your db goal is questionable. A reduction in discs still may be needed.

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    Haloferax Guest


    I performed the modification and the perforated tuner core helped a lot. I reach 89 dB at 2500 rpm 3 feet behind the exhaust with 16 discs and the performance is similar to that of the the initial exhaust with 16 discs (was 94 dB then). The sound is also less aggressive, less high frequency noise and still a rich bass rumble.

    Thanks for your help.

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    bschultz Guest


    That's great...thanks for the feedback.

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