Hi All,
I currently have V&H twin slash rounds, fullsac trudual conversion kit, fuelpak and an Arlen mess big Sucker air cleaner on my 2007 Electra Std.
I must be getting old cause I'm not enjoying the noise or the decel popping anymore.
I'm looking for a quieter setup (neighbours and ears to consider) and at the moment I'm thinking of going back to stock headers and a set of Supertrapp Fatshotz slip-ons.
I've read the supertrapp site and seen the DB figures for the slip-ons with stock headers, But I'd like to know if the noise or performance goes up drastically if I use the Supertrapp duals (headers) , And does the power output change significantly up or down?

If I run the slip-ons on stock or dual headers is a fuel tuner necessary?
Can the V&H fuelpak manage it?
Is there a suitable fuelpak map or can I ditch it all together and rely on the stock system?
Is there a significant performance loss by going back a stock filter?

Most of my riding is in the 2000-3000rpm mark highway riding.
Can anyone shine some light on the subject. Thanks