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Thread: Heat-Shields for 828-71335 / 4MSS-71340

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    quantumcat Guest

    Default Heat-Shields for 828-71335 / 826-71341

    Hi all,

    I installed the Supertrapp Megaphones on my FXR.
    I installed the 826-71341 (later replaced by 828-71335)
    Are there heat-shields available for this set?
    (and are they interchangable between the "old" set and the "new" set)
    If so -what are the product numbers?

    Kind regards,


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    bschultz Guest


    Heatshield kits for the FXR systems are no longer available (discontinued).

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    quantumcat Guest


    Was afraid of that. And the part numbers (so I look for them 2nd hand)

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    bschultz Guest


    828-71355 ...Heatshield kit 408-7344
    826-71341 ...Heatshield kit 408-7334

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