I have a new Phantom Bag Pipe 138-71594. I'm installing it along with a Thunder Max tuner which requires 18mm O2 bungs that have been tig welded in.

What high heat paint should I use to repaint the whole exhaust? The new O2 bungs are raw steel and the exhaust has some scratchs. Oops.

VHT has a Flame Proof high heat ceramic paint. But the local parts stores only have the paint and no primer. VHT's website shows a Prep SP445, Prime SP118, Coat SP102 (flat black), and Clear SP115. Do I need all 4 VHT products to repaint? I'm looking for a flat black finsh.

I plan on painting over the paint on the unused exhaust. Is its paint crued or need to be before repainting?

I have removed the heat shields and am having trouble finding the spring type stainless steel cable ties used by the factory. Can I use flat stainless steel cable ties?