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Thread: Installed O2 bungs - repaint

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    Default Installed O2 bungs - repaint

    I have a new Phantom Bag Pipe 138-71594. I'm installing it along with a Thunder Max tuner which requires 18mm O2 bungs that have been tig welded in.

    What high heat paint should I use to repaint the whole exhaust? The new O2 bungs are raw steel and the exhaust has some scratchs. Oops.

    VHT has a Flame Proof high heat ceramic paint. But the local parts stores only have the paint and no primer. VHT's website shows a Prep SP445, Prime SP118, Coat SP102 (flat black), and Clear SP115. Do I need all 4 VHT products to repaint? I'm looking for a flat black finsh.

    I plan on painting over the paint on the unused exhaust. Is its paint crued or need to be before repainting?

    I have removed the heat shields and am having trouble finding the spring type stainless steel cable ties used by the factory. Can I use flat stainless steel cable ties?

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    PJ1 makes a nice pipe paint.
    You will not be able to find clamps like the ones that come on the pipe, nor would you have the tool to install them. Just get some hose clamps.

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    A bung costs 3-8 dollars and missed welded it on for free. Most places will do it for 25 bucks if you drill the home first. As for placement, you don't want too close to the end of the line becuase you can get false lean readings. Also you don't want too close to the header because you will ruin your sensor. I put mine a bit in front of the slipon.

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