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Thread: Wrong Se slip on's installed

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    missionwop Guest

    Default Wrong Se slip on's installed

    I just installed Se 3.5 inch slip ons on my 2013 flhtk. Since putting them on i found that these are not made for a 110 ci motor. They are the ones that you add an end cap and in the HD parts site it say's they are not for the 110ci. I am just wondering if I should change them or can i just leave them on. Any replie's would be appreciated.

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    bschultz Guest


    They shouldn't present a problem as long as they are to your liking.

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    sportthedog Guest


    When I read the HD words, to me they mean that the dimensions of their muffler may be incorrect for your bike and thus you may have problems getting it installed. I dont think they mean that the muffler won't "work" on your bike. Mufflers are mufflers, If you can get it installed then it will work. The only thing you might consider is whether you need to change your map on your ECM. Some say that anytime you change the airflow you need to adjust the map. Others say that if all your doing is changing the muffler, then the ECM should adjust to the new mufler and life is good.

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    bschultz Guest


    Dimensions are the same, ask your dealer about the reference in the SE catalog. You'll most likely find it has to do with being "sound compliant".
    Bigger air pump, more volume = more sound.
    If working properly, the "closed loop" fuel injection should take care of the A/F ratio.

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    missionwop Guest


    Thanks i appreciate the replie's. I think I will leave them on for now.

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