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    hi,,, i have a 14 ft sidewinder, with a 351w ford motor, 400hp, with dual 2 1/2id open pipes,,,through hull,,so they are under water a lot,,no mufflers,,,its too loud,,,lookin through your web site i found a
    544-2503,,,now the site says "discs only" does that mean only the discs,,,or will that work,,,allso lookin for all the mesurments for this universal and what is the adaptor for.

    allso i have a 1975 kz 900 that has the 4 into 1 kerker, but some other manufactures megaphone, or tail piece,,i think its a RC ,,do you still sell the kerker tail piece and how much$$$$$,,,i'm looking for a clean crisp sound,,not all muffled together sound.....

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    P/N 544-2503 is a disc only assembly with an adaptor, 360 degree exhaust shield, 12 discs, closed end-cap and disc screws & nuts. The adaptor (mild steel) is designed to be butt-welded on the end of a 2.5" pipe and receives the shield, discs, end cap & hardware. The amount of discs can vary to individual need. The overall OD (exhaust shield) 6.0", the adaptor is 1" and so is a stack of 12 discs.

    The 4:1 system for the '73-76 KZ900 is still in production and is offered in black (127-61001) or chrome (128-61001). Part numbers and prices vary with finish and baffle choice.

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