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Thread: Slip ons for Night Rod

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    Default Slip ons for Night Rod

    I have a stock 2012 v-rod, night rod special. I am looking at some slip on mufflers #827-71134. How many discs will I need to run with it being a stock motor? I do not plan on a tuner right away, but had ST on my last 2 bikes and really like them. Thanks for your help.

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    bschultz Guest


    8-10 discs with the closed end-cap (per muffler) was found to provide the best performance during R & D testing.

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    blackdog Guest


    Thanks for the quick response. Regards, Bill

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    Charleswatson Guest


    I have never tried performing R & D testing.. So Can anyone tell me what is the procedure of this testing..??

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    R & D refers to Research and Development. It is how we design and test systems to ensure real world performance.

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