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Thread: Carbon Build up on Discs / End Cap

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    Default Carbon Build up on Discs / End Cap

    Does carbon build up on the discs (and closed end cap) slow down the exhaust flow?
    Would i be better off to ceramic coat the discs and end cap?

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    With enough carbon build up, yes it could reduce the flow rate by reducing the spacing between the discs. We do not recommend ceramic coating our discs for the same reason.

    Keep in mind that carbon build up could be caused by a too rich running condition. If there is carbon build up in less than 50 miles, try adding a disc or two to lean out your air fuel ratio.

    If you take the discs and end cap off the muffler, then they can be cleaned with oven cleaner.

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    I've owned one SuperTrapp over 4 years, the other over 2 and have never had a reason to clean my diffusers. I think I have them, meaning the SuperTrapps and my two ZX-9Rs tuned perfectly. And while the diffuser's appearance is black, it's more of a glaze, not a soot.

    I wouldn't cover them with ceramic coating. It would probably change their shape and thus alter the scavenging affect they're designed to make.

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