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Thread: exhaust leak

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    toamoayfhryr Guest

    Default exhaust leak

    I have 08 ultra with supermeg 828-71576.
    I have had a small leah at muffler to collector or headpipe where tbolt clamp is.
    The leak is worsnow I have have tighten clamp little by little & is not getting better.
    Should I take apart & use hightemp silicone &-or get new clamp.
    if need new clamp or maybe add an additional clamp(install 2 total).
    what is part# of clamp.
    or is there a better replacement clamp
    Thanks steve

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    bschultz Guest


    Tolerances are tight enough that silicone sealant should not be needed. Make sure the clamp is completely over the relief cuts. Contact our Customer Service Department for an additional clamp if needed.

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