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Thread: Muffler for a 2007 Polaris Hawkeye

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    Default Muffler for a 2007 Polaris Hawkeye

    I read a post on ATV Connection that someone had mounted up an IDSX Muffler on a Polaris Hawkeye ATV. It was SuperTrapp part # 835-1802 which is for a Polaris 800cc Sportsman ATV. He said he had contacted SuperTrapp about this, and they would be looking into it.

    First off, will this muffler work with a 300cc motor? The only modification he claimed that was needed was fabing up a mounting bracket since the Sportsman muffler exits out the right side, and the Hawkeye's is on the left side..

    I am really interested in this IF it will work, since there are NO aftermarket mufflers currently offered for the Hawkeye, and the stock muffler HAS to be choking the small 300cc motor.
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