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    cavdiv1 Guest

    Default open end caps

    i have an 08 vrscdxa with chrome fatshots. i am looking to go with the open end caps. i really do not like the look of the 405-3046. what other options of open end caps does Supertrapp offer? Erick, Houston,TX

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    bschultz Guest


    Open End Cap, 4", 6-bolt, Ss: Black 405-3047 $34.30
    Open End Cap, 4", 6-bolt, Ss: Blue 405-3049 $34.30
    Open End Cap, 4", 6-bolt, Ss: Red 405-3048 $34.30
    Open End Cap,4",6bolt,ss,pol. 405-3050 $88.40
    Trappcaps,4","cone",billet Alum.,black 402-1011 $113.40
    Trappcaps,4","cone",billet Alum.,blue 402-1013 $113.40
    Trappcaps,4","cone",billet Alum.,polishd 402-1010 $109.20
    Trappcaps,4","cone",billet Alum.,red 402-1012 $113.40

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    cavdiv1 Guest


    i am having trouble trying to find part 402-1011. do you have any suggestions where i might find this end cap? can i purchase this directlly from supertrapp? any help would greatly be appreciated.


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    bschultz Guest


    Summit Racing is a good source of our Universal mufflers and Accessories;

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