I have Road King FLHRSI MY '05

I have:
Muffler: Supertrapp Megaphone Slip-On with 15 Discs (# 728-78054)
Stage1: Screamin' Eagle® Stage I Kit for EFI Models*(# 29773-02B)

then I used SERT with this MAP: 127LF004-C0.MT6

Calibration #8: 2004 – 2005 Touring , 2001 – 2003 FLSTSi and 2005 FLSTSCi
Configuration: 1450 SE A/C and Mufflers
File Name: 105LF003-D0.MT6, 127LF004-B0.MT6
• SE Air Cleaner and Breather Kit P/N 29440-99B
• SE Performance Touring Mufflers P/N 65115-98B or 65116-98A

Now I have Decel Popping and as you can see a muffler Brown\gold (high temp?) and the other is NEW!
If You can see (I have 15 discs) left seems new (I use these mufflers for 4000Kms) but right semme burned

What do you think about?
I have 15 disk on the left and 15 on the right it's ok? I read a lot of configuration with a differente disc number on the left and on the right...