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Thread: Supertrapp motorcycle slip on dimensions

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    Question ZX-9r Supertrapp motorcycle slip on dimensions

    [Also see "Fitting SuperTrapp universals How-To thread <HERE> for another method of installation.]

    This is my last hope for information. I'm striking out on your Web site and on the Web.

    My case: I have a stock 2000 ZX-9r E1 and would like to fit an aluminum (423-25000) or stainless steel slip (425-25160) on to the stock mid-pipe. It appears my mid-pipe is 2.5" in diameter (actual diameter is 2 3/8" OD) and you make several universal slip-ons with 2.5" inlets.

    My question: Is the Supertrapp 2.5" inlet a female 2.5" designed to slip over a 2.5" mid-pipe, a 2.5" male inlet designed to slip into the mid-pipe or a 2.5" inlet designed to butt-up to a 2.5" mid-pipe?

    Thanking you in advance.
    Last edited by kz550; 01-15-2012 at 01:12 PM. Reason: corrected to reflect the actual 2000-2001 ZX-9r mid-pipe outlet diameter

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