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    Ok ive read all about repacking and why you should do it.I just installed a 2n1 supermeg and really like the performance.Im currently using a closed cap and 18 disc and the bike performs alot better than the old true dual setup i had with a pair of sam..n mufflers,but i want more sound.Ive tried open caps and disc amounts from 2 -20 and havent been able to balance performance and sound to suit my needs.So my question is can i wrap some header wrap around the preforated tube and remove the pillow pack.It seems to me the header wrap would dampen some of the noise,and help to stop the turbulance while still insulating from heat.
    I just had another idea,What about removing the preforated core all together and replacing it with a straight through pipe and then only using the disc?
    I have a titan 96in s&s,in the shop with preforated tube cut down to about 6in in lenth and no packing materiel at all,using a open cap and 14 disc,the bike actually runs really well and sounds good but the muffler is discoloring at the collecter from all the heat.I just thought id run that by you.
    My bike is a flh with 83"evo.10.5:1 510 andrews cam ss carb mild port work,manley valves.

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    bschultz Guest


    Our 2:1 systems are proven performers. We have heard just about all of the alterations/changes that can be made to out products, some claiming "better sounding" or "better performing".
    Some of those changes may or may not work for specific applications. Sound, as art, is in the eye, or in this case the ear of the beholder. Some of us like to experiment and/or change things.
    Sounds like the muffler has already been altered. What's a couple more experiments? You can always go back to its original, intended configuration.

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