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Thread: Kerker Vs Supertrapp

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    Dow Davis Guest

    Question Kerker Vs Supertrapp

    I have an 08 FLHT and want to get a little more performance but will not be doing any motor work other than mufflers and Screaming Eagle cleaner kit. I would like to get a little more noise but not to much. I have narrowed my choice of slip ons down to the Supertrapp SE's or the Kerker slip ons. I read the shoot out in Hot Baggers and they both performed very closely. What are the differances between the two. Are they the same dimension ( diameter and length? Can you repack both? Will I have to re map with one vs the other? Does the Kerker have the internal heat shield? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    bschultz Guest


    The SE's have the inner shield, (the core is a cartridge type) making it non-servicable.
    The Kerker (K-3 core) is servicable. The core and muffler bodies are interchangable (same dimensions). The core design of the SE's give it a deeper tone than the Kerker.
    In our testing of the SE's and Kerker slip-ons with the '07-08 "new closed-loop FI" we did not find a need to remap or the use of an after market fuel controller.
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    Pumba11 Guest


    It my opion that for a touring bike you would like the SE's better than the Kerker. I love mine. Deep rumble when hitting it, but radio worthy at cruising speed.

    I've heard the Kerkers on a Road King and felt they sounded more like a softail if that makes any sense to you.

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