Hi! Quick question. After the rave review of your new SE series slip ons in Hot Bike's new Bagger magazine (they rated number one for torque, and number two for horsepower), I want to install them on my 2005 police model Road King (FLHPEI).

I also want to install the new K&N air filter kit for Harley Twin cams (the one that comes with it's own backing plate and a velocity stack).

My question is this: is a stage 1 download going to be enough modification to my ECM to run this setup? I'm not so concerned about the additional power I might eke out by using a SERT or an aftermarket re-mapper. I just want to make sure my Fuel/Air mixture is correct so I won't damage my bike and it will be reliable. In the Bagger magazine article, the mechanics said that the Stage 1 download was providing appropriate fuel/air ratios for the combination of your pipes and the basic Harley Screaming Eagle air cleaner.