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Thread: help with klr 650 exhaust

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    joem Guest

    Default help with klr 650 exhaust

    hi, i just bought a 2001 kawasaki klr 650 with a supertrapp ids2 exhaust, cannister # is 027-2266. its loud!!!
    i took it apart and its missing the discs , screws and endcap. what you see in the picture is all i have.
    do i need an open or closed endcap? this bike is for the street.

    and how many discs should i get?

    what are the part#'s of the parts i need . thanks in advance , joe
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    bschultz Guest


    The IDS2 comes in a "race" or "quiet core" version. The race version comes with 18 discs and the quiet comes with 12 discs for tuning purposes. A stock machine will usually run6-8 discs, either version. If you hold the core assembly up to the light and can see straight through it... it's a race core, if not it's a quiet core. The following are component P/N's;
    304-6506, 6 pack of discs
    304-6512, 12 pack of discs
    304-3033, end-cap
    304-7203, 3 pack of screws

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    joem Guest


    thanks for the help, the end cap you suggested is the closed end correct?

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    bschultz Guest


    Yes, It will make the muffler spark arrested and quieter than the "open" end cap.

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    joem Guest


    thanks again, joe

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