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Thread: Number of discs on stock 2-1?

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    Default Number of discs on stock 2-1?


    I've just ordered a 827-71454 Supertrapp 2-1 for my 95" FXDX. The bike uses 203 cams, a Mikuni HS42 carb (I don't know what jet has been installed) and had used SE slip ons; the bike ran well.

    The installation notes suggest that 20 discs will be needed to optimise performance. Can you tell me how many discs the exhaust comes with?

    From th einformation I've given, and the assumption that the bike was running OK, will further re-jetting be needed? I'm in the UK and Harley friendly dynos are a rarity.

    Thanks in advance


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    Comes with 20.
    I would suggest installing it with 18-20 and riding it. See how it runs, check the plugs.
    Be sure to use plenty of the supplied anti-seize on the screws for the discs.

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    Thanks for the prompt reply. Can't wait to get the pipes on. I used one on my Sportster, it performed brilliantly had was so much lighter than the stock exhaust.


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