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Thread: XR250R to DR350S?

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    Default XR250R to DR350S?

    Growing up I had an 1984 XR250R that I got a Supertrapp for. I was having some engine issues and sold it to a neighbor for a parts bike. Now this summer I found a 1992 DR350S and I contacted my old neighbor to see if he still had the supertrapp from my old bike. He did and I have it now. The question I have is the Supertrapp muffler is in good shape but the pipe that goes from the silencer to the manifold is from the old XR and has a different curve and is bigger then the manifold on my DR. I tried looking on the site for a conversion pipe but couldn't find one. The model I have is a 027-2840 and has at least 12 rings on it.

    Also, am I assuming correctly that that model number will work correctly on my DR350S?

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance...

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    bschultz Guest


    The muffler bodies (brackets) and connector pipes (bends) for the XR & DR are different. In other words; even if the muffler body you have bolts up, the connector pipe for the DR is not going to match up. You are better off treating it like a Universal and having your local muffler shop bend you a custom pipe.

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