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    GlennsGlide Guest

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    Hi Guys
    After I installed my Supermega 2into1 system my scoot developed a flatspot from 2300 - 2900rpm. I was told by an experienced tuner that my set up was experiencing exhaust reversion and sometimes cannot be tuned out.
    Originally I was running with S&S 510g cams which I removed and went back to stock but there is still a hint of the stumble although not as much.I first thought that my Thundermax with auto tune was the problem but after checking all settings and functions as per Zippers advice no fault was found. I am currently running 14 disks and closed cap, I have also ran with open cap but it is way to loud for my taste.
    Has anyone else had this problem if so what fix if any.


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    bschultz Guest


    I would suggest adding discs, 1-2 at a time for more flow which may clear up your stumble.

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