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    I have received my FATSHOTS for my 2009 stock street glide, i had noticed in the instructions for setup it recommends to use 10 discs on each pipe. Can i use all 12 on each side for the bike to sound a bit more throaty? it will not effect the tuning of the glide? and i would also like to try it without the closed end cap to hear how it sounds.So running 12 discs on each side with a open end cap is o.k.? I want it to sound good without losing performance or having a negative impact on the engine. thanks

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    Our recommendations are performance based results from testing on a stock machine. A O2 sensor equipped, "closed loop", fuel injection bike will adjust (A/F ratio) itself back to the stock OEM parameters set at the factory whether you an open end-cap or more discs for more sound. The more exhaust flow you provide will result in a different "tune". The ECM detects more exhaust flow, via the O2 sensor readings, which in turn increases fuel to function within the same A/F ratio.

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