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Thread: 08 buell xb12x uly

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    Default 08 buell xb12x uly

    its there a trapp exhaust availible for this machine and would it have the valve in the exhaust like the stock one or is it not needed with the trapp , tks in advance

    john c

    almost forgot , also need a pipe for my 99 yamaha 350 wolverine atv , rusted completely out , bone stock
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    Nothing for the '08 Buell's at this time.
    Three options for the Wolverine;

    ATV IDS2 Quiet & Racing Series IDS2 Yam350XT War 87-03 350FX 95-05 #633-4350 $339
    ATV IDS2 Quiet & Racing Series IDS2 Quiet Yam 350XT 86-03, 350FX 95-05 #631-4350 $317
    ATV Aluminum Racing Series RACE SYST:YAM 350WARRIOR/WOLVERINE'86-05 #833-4350 $307

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    thanks , i just ordered a ids2 quiet for my yamaha

    is trapp working on an exhaust system for the xb series buell's , if so when is the intended release date

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    Not at this time, however we are getting more and more request for more Buell product, we will see...Sign up for our Pipeline Newsletter to be informed of all new product when it is being developed.

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