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Thread: 05 road king, true duals. how many discs

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    Default 05 road king, true duals. how many discs

    I have an 05 road king with a big sucker intake and fullsac true duals and Hq 0034 cams, right now I have open slip ons but my buddy has a set of supertrapp slip ons that he said I could try out, My question for you experts is how many discs should be for the rear cylinder(left side) and how many should be on the front cylinder(right side), I just need something close to get me started and to see if I like them, Next year I plan on doing the big bore and having the heads ported will I have to change much and also should I be able to feel a difference in power with these over my open pipes? I know true duals are not a very good choice for performance but I like the sound, Thanks Todd

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    bschultz Guest


    Start tuning with 10-12 per muffler and check your plugs.

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