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    I plan on purchasing a SuperMeg soon for my 08 FXD. The engine is stock. How many disc come with the pipe? I will also be installing the Vance & Hines V2 high flow air cleaner at the same time, then take it for the short ride to the dealership for a Power Commander install and tune. What is a good starting point for disc's with the end cap that comes with the pipe, how many disc come with it, and finally, I will most likely want to go with the open end cap as I listened to a similar engine today with an open end cap and LOVE the sound, would the 9 disc pack be a good starting point with the open cap? Thanks for your help in advance.

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    bschultz Guest


    The system comes with 20 discs and a closed end cap. You should be able to use all 20 discs as a starting point with your modifications.
    The "open" end cap flows for 10-12 discs (20 discs + closed end cap = 10 discs + open end cap).

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    Brians Glide Guest


    Thanks for the quick response!! One more quick question, is the Black pipe ceramic coated, or is it just powder coating?

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    Brians Glide Guest


    I installed the pipe and V & H VO2 intake. I also double checked with the SuperTrapp help line on the number of discs to start with for my application. The lady on the phone told me 12 with the closed end cap as the 08's come tuned VERY lean. I ran it about 10 miles with 12 discs installed and pulled the plugs to check them, easy run now, no hard acceleration, and the entire tips of both plugs were snow white. In all my years of messing around with engines, a plug like that indicated an extreme lean condition. I gave Harley a call and was told that is pretty much normal for the 08 FI engines, I was shocked, it sure seems like that must be very hot, but if they say its good I have to take their word as they make the things. I am taking it to the local dealer in the morning to have their Stage 1 tune shot to the bikes ECM to allow for some increased fueling as that again is what Harley suggests. As a side note, Harley has sent out a memo to all of its dealers advising them to NOT install the Power Commander ignition onto the 08 models due to it having some adverse effects on the ECM, just thought I would pass that along for those with 08's who may read this.

    With all that being said, I dont think I will attempt running more than the 12 discs with the closed end cap until I can get the bike on a dyno and get the A/F ratio checked out and have some positive numbers to look at before changing the pipe.
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    Brians Glide Guest


    I rode down to the Harley shop yesterday and had them shoot the Stage 1 download to the bike. After having some conversation with the folks in the Service Dept. I rode it home and installed4 more discs to bring the total to 16 with the closed end cap. I rode the bike for about 50 miles, pulled the plugs and found them to have a very light tan color to them. The discs are a nice golden color,, co it appears that without going to the expense of an ignition box and expensive dyno time, and a little paitience (which I have very little of) an 08 can be "tweaked" in

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    ohiomotoxer Guest


    The porcelain will always be white.
    AFR determination is done by looking at the base ring.

    Here is a good link about plug reading:

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    Brians Glide Guest


    Thanks for the link Ohiomotoxer, lots of great info there. The main reason for the rambling has been to get some information on here for the FXD, now that it has been accomplished I think we are done!!!!!

    Bschultz, sent ya a PM about heat shield chrome, havent seen a reply yet????

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