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Thread: Not sure if I'm hurting my motor?

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    Default Not sure if I'm hurting my motor?

    I'm a newbie. Just tried 6 discs on an older Porsche 911 race car, to try to cut down the noise -- I've been running Megaphones with no discs for years. When I turned on the motor, it displayed unusual behavior. Normally it starts on low RPMs and then quickly jumps up above 3000 (I set a high throttle to warm it up for racing).

    After putting on the discs it seemed to be struggling and hunting between 1000 and 2000 rpm back-n-forth. Seemed unhappy. When I tried to gun the engine, it lugged severely, seemed like it was "choking". I let it go for a few more minutes and it seemed to recover a bit but still responded slowly when I got on the throttle. When I put my hand behind the exhaust it was much hotter than usual (when I had no discs on).

    Before I get into tuning, I want to know if I'm doing my motor some harm here?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Sounds like you need to increase the number of discs to accomodate the exhaust flow your motor needs in its present tune. You also have the option to "detune" the motor to run with the exhaust restriction you have put on it.

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