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Thread: 1980 Yamaha XS850 Special

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    chicorugger Guest


    Used the copper high temp stuff, and I see why the black would be a better idea.


    the copper stuff dries an orange color and now there is orange on my muffler, but nowhere else on the bike.

    I took it out for a spin, and it is just what the doctor ordered. no more nagging neigbors, no more earplugs

    thanks Bschults

    thanks supertrapp!!!!

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    chicorugger Guest


    I started with 12 discs. It's still a little loud. I want to try taking removing discs, one by one, to see where it gets me.


    what is the minimum number of discs for a 826cc threee cylinder trippple?

    how do I know when I have removed TOO MANY discs?

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    chicorugger Guest


    bump for responce

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    bschultz Guest


    I wouldn't go less than 6 discs.
    Top end will start to suffer when to many discs have been removed.

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