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Thread: discs for an XR 250

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    xr250 Guest

    Default discs for an XR 250

    I've got a SuperTrapp on an old 1986 XR 250 and
    am looking to add some discs. I haven't taken
    it appart yet, but the actual outside diameter of the discs
    themselves is just under 3.75 inches. The diameter of the end of the
    pipe itself is 4 inches, so I wasn't sure if these are
    called 4 inch discs, or if my SuperTrapp is so old that
    3.75 inch discs are not made anymore. I've seen 4 inch
    and 3.5 inch sized discs on ebay...
    Any info appreciated.

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    bschultz Guest


    The 4" discs are 3.75".
    It's easier to say 3", 4" and 5" than 2&15/16", 3&3/4" and 4&5/8".

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    xr250 Guest


    Thanks for the clarification! I'll be adding more discs now that I know the
    right size.

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