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Thread: System for Honda VF750 C Magna V4 into 2

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    Loki Guest

    Default System for Honda VF750 C Magna V4 into 2

    Having looked around on the SuperTrapp site, I haven't yet come across a V4 system, let alone a V4 into 2 symetrical system.
    Do SuperTrapp manufacture such a system for a Honda VF750 C V4 (Magna)?
    OR a pair of Slip on, handed (Left Side and Right Side) Cans?

    Thanks for your time,


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    bschultz Guest


    We offer systems for the V-Max and V65 Magna '83-85. We no longer manufacter (discontinued) an application for the VF750 Magna.

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    Loki Guest


    Thanks Chap, but that does mean that there may be a system out here somewhere!


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    bschultz Guest


    Years ago we offered a 4:1 Kerker K-Series system P/N 128-30753 for the '82-86 VF700/750.

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    Zake Guest


    This is an old thred, but what are the picture tubes?

    on both sides of bike 2 to 1 and read "supertrapp"

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    'Picture Tubes' are a component of an old TV set!

    Seriously, don't know what you are refering to?

    That picture is an old V-4 system, 2:1 on each side? an old and very hard to find system now for sure.

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