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Thread: need replacement baffle screw(s)

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    Default need replacement baffle screw(s)

    Got my new 2008 H-D XL 1200R the other day. I added black SuperTrapp 2:1 SuperMegs. Love the way they look on the bike. They fit beautifully, and BTW, my Harley mech had high praise for them, and specifically mentioned that the mounting bracket is much better, beefier than the H-D OEM bracket.

    Anyway, I had the bike lowered in the rear with 11" Progressive 412's. The Harley OEM shocks were 13", so it slammed it quite noticeably, which is what I wanted. At the time I was deciding on the SuperMegs, I didn't realize how much lower the meg would be slung below the axle swing arm. I've quickly realized in the few days I ridden the bike that my right turn cornering lean angle is significantly reduced, because the road is grinding away the head of the baffle screw on the side of the rear of the meg. I’ve got a pic of the pipes installed on the bike and a close-up of the screw head I’m talking about, if I could send it to you in an e-mail.

    My question to SuperTrapp is: Could you let me know the price of that Allen head screw and the accompanying lock washer so I can order a couple dozen of them? I want to replace them as they get ground down (which is bound to happen over time) while there is still enough of the Allen head cut-out left in the screw to get it out. Let me know the part numbers and how to order them.

    Had I known then what I know now, I would have gotten the Kerker 2:1, which I first thought would be too close to the bottom of my right saddlebag because of that upswept angle of the meg on the Kerker. Now, seeing that the swing arm was pulled up as much as it was with the 11" shox, the Kerkers would have fit OK, with enough clearance under the bag. Going back to 13" shox is not an option for me - gotta have it slammed in the rear!

    Could you answer me back with an e-mail address for you, so you could quote me the price on the screws and washers? Quick, before that screw becomes a brad!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Contact us at;

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