Helllllp! Here's what I got: 1985 V65 Sabre 1100cc V-Four. I installed a 4 into 1 header by Mac. Standard 2" pipe, about a foot between the end of the head pipe and the mounting point (footpeg bracket). I don't like the rattle sound of the Mac so I pulled a Kerker made for a 1980 CB750 and stuck it on, which works fine but it's a little loud for my taste. (I have metal shop so I can make brackets and the like if need be.) What I 'd like to know is: 1) what is the best overall slip-on that I can put on my bike that will give it a deeper but not necessarily louder sound? Think rumble without the roar--of course I expect some noise when it's time to roll on for the jump to lightspeed but I don't want to dusturb the neighbors more than necessary. 2) Am I hurting my Saber with a can made for a 750? Most I've asked have said no, but they're not experts.