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Thread: OPen end cap question

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    Default OPen end cap question

    I see ST offers a lot of style end caps ,I understand that in a 4'' application running open end cap #405-3046 = 10 discs, does this apply for all open type ST end caps or only the one metioned above, are the other styles like #402-1005 (grate open style end cap )just a decorative add on to be used with the closed endcap or does have the same 10 disk princeple as 405-3046, thank you...

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    The TrappCaps are cosmetic end caps intended to be used with a SS closed end-cap behind it. The flow volume is similar to the SS, race designed, open end-cap and the 10-12 disc equation can be used as a rough guess when tuning; however may need to be tweeked for max performance.

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    Ok got it thanks for the reply to this question

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