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    Crank_Case Guest

    Default 1995 Flhtc

    Howdy : I have a 1995 electra glide and I have vance and hines true dual headers(they came on the bike) and I put super trapps disk system slipons 3" DISK. this is where it gets tough : the Harley shop done the motor on this bike, it is big bored ( I dont know how much .Maybe from1340-1450) they also put performance heads on it and a bigger cam, the names of both I don't know. this bike had this work done about 7 years ago ..they remember the bike and the work they done but not much else. MY real question is ..How may disk or can I use say 10 and leave the solid endcap of? I put in 21disk and the solid cap. I love the sound... Supertrap's are awsome.. If nothing else i will keep a check on the plugs

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    bschultz Guest


    What is your goal? More sound?

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    Crank_Case Guest

    Default more sound

    yes more sound, I just put in new plugs and after 25 miles they are a little gray so I will be uping the jetting, can I go with an open endcap? my son raced dirtbike for a few years so jetting is no problem for me i was just wondering on this bike where to start.

    elevation is 1240
    80% riding on secondary roads 55-60mph
    20% interstate
    should I start by lowering the needle clip or bigger main
    the bike is not realy hard to warm up so the pilot circuit may be alright

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    bschultz Guest


    Before jumping into the jetting, set a baseline by "tuning" the pipe to your existing intake combination. If it is running lean, reduce the number of discs, by 1-2, until you get your plug(s) in a good burn range (tan). Then if you want more sound, remove the closed end-cap AND 6 discs, replace with an open end cap and remaining discs. This will provide the same exhaust flow as your established baseline. If you decide to jump into the carbs for more fuel, you know you will need to add dics for more flow.

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    Crank_Case Guest


    I have a 180 main
    45 pilot
    needle clip is in the 4th position from the top +3 small washers on top of the clip ..I see no reason for those washers being there
    so if I have 21 + closed endcap ..take off 6 and put on a open end cap. correct... 15+ open endcap for the sound right.

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    Crank_Case Guest


    the bike does pop while trying to warm up it takes about a mile for it to straighten out.

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    bschultz Guest


    Washers are used to split the difference between clip positions or an attempt to make use of an existing needle when it should most likely be changed.

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    Crank_Case Guest


    i am going to put inthe thunder slide kit and i have open end caps orderd thanks for you advice.

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