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    simoneci Guest

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    Hi, i write from Italy, my name is Simone.
    I have some questions that i think you have answer many times!!
    I have just bought a 2008 FLHX Street glide.
    Now i want put a pair of Slip-ons a second time SE air filter and power commander.
    Now, wich is the best set up for performance? how many discs? i have a package with 50 discs...endcap and open endcap.
    i read about different number of discs on right and left..
    I'm confused!!! In a first time i think about 20 discs for side, closed endcap... but now i don't know!!!!
    Also open endcap+15 discs = 20 discs closed endcap?
    Please help mE!!!!!!
    Thank you very much SIMONE

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    bschultz Guest


    Find yourself a good tuner. Set the bike up for the sound you want and have your tuner program the PC to provide the best performance.

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