Well..... first time here.....

Even thought I have owned a couple FAST Yamahas using a tuned SuperTrapp, I have a silly question for a 5 hp engine.

Not that I don't know what I want, but the description for the specific part is confusing.

I want the Model, 3 S Spark Arrestor Muffler. I have a 1" O.D. pipe on the Honda muffler tip. The SIZE of the CLAMP-ON adaptor says, Size - (1.312" 1" Pipe) ...Adaptor # 3s- 1312.

BUT.... when going to www Jacks Small Engines site to purchase, they say, SuperTrapp suggests part # 3s-1050 ..But Supertrapp site shows it as (3/4" pipe)

I have a 1" pipe to connect to.... What is the 1" INSIDE DIAMETER??

Which one slips onto a 1" pipe?

(I'll be adding on the resonator too)