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    Default Identifying a muffler...

    I just got a supertrapp muffler from ebay - Intended to be fitted in my bike, 1980 suzuki gsx 1100. There are some numbers in the backside of the muffler, 027-1841 - does anyone have an idea to what bike it is originally meant to be?

    I trying to fit it to my 4-1 micron exhaust. I just shortened the muffler a bit because I had to fit it on my 2,5 inch collector outlet and the original inlet in the muffler was too small. Now it fits perfectly, after a bit of cutting - and looks still very nice.

    Now I´m trying to figure out which size of plates and end cap I should get for this muffler. There are few plates attached to this muffler and an open end cap. I suppose it might be too loud for my bike with open end cap. How do I know the size/compatibility of the plates, the outer diameter of my plates is 3,75 inches and the muffler diameter is 4 inch. Should I be looking for a set of 4 inch plates even though my plates are 3,75 inches in diameter?

    If it helps any, there are 6 bolts on the end of the muffler...

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    bschultz Guest


    The referenced body was part of a 2:1 Stainless Steel system which fit HD Softails. The muffler takes 4" discs. The open end cap flows for 10-12 discs (20discs+closed end cap = 10discs+open end cap). I would start tuning with 8-10 discs and a closed end-cap. You may want to look at the FAQ at our website.

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