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Thread: Wondering what Bike these fit 027-1331 & 1330

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    Default Wondering what Bike these fit 027-1331 & 1330

    I recently picked up a Supertrapp box that was clearly older . On the box it says V4832 written in marker .The label on the box says CY1167 (05-V4832) . The 2 pipes say 027-1330 & 027-1331 . Came with 18 discs plus a little bit more hardware and 2 smaller black pipes .Assuming those are to connect onto the larger pipes. Any idea what Bike these fit . I am thinking they are older. BTW in 1987 had a Suzuki GS750ES with the Supertrapp on it .Loved the Supertrapp and the Bike . Thanks for your time if you have any info on it .

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    bschultz Guest


    The P/N's referenced are muffler bodies from discontinued slip-on application P/N 822-30752 for the Honda V-45 Sabre.

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