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Thread: Fatshotz core changes

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    maicobo2002 Guest

    Default Fatshotz core changes

    I just swapped out the 2:1 (cat) exhaust/Nightstick to an '09 (non-cat) exhaust 2:1:2 and Fatshotz on my 2010 Streetglide. The openend caps are too loud for my taste. I'm installing closed end caps next. I want to replicate the Nightstick sound as much as possible. If the closed caps w/ 12 discs don't change it enough, will a core change to the solid tube get that Nightstick sound? And a related question: what is the quietest combination with the Fatshotz slip-ons?
    Many thanks!

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    bschultz Guest


    A solid core is NOT available for the FatShotz. Even if they were, sound levels and tone would still be completely different due to the lack of Catalyst in the headpipe.
    The quietest combination on any of our disc mufflers is the least amount of discs (+closed end-cap) that still allow the motor to perform (breathe).

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    maicobo2002 Guest


    Thanks for the reply. I will work with the disc count.

    One additional baffle question. Fatshotz have the pillow packing around a perforated core. What effect does removing the packing have to the noise volume and note?

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    maicobo2002 Guest


    Changed out the open for a closed endcap w/the 10 discs-perfect! Nice low rumble at lower speeds (up to 50 or so), then it quiets down more at hwy. cruising. This is a good combo riding with a passenger.

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    bschultz Guest


    Thanks for the feedback

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