I'm looking for a set of slip-ons for my 98 FLHR. It's a mild 80" EVO (mild cam, open air cleaner, prob 70ish HP, etc.). I've always liked the concept of your tunable mufflers, and would like something I can grow with in the future as mods increase (bigger cam, headwork, etc., maybe 90 HP in the future but that's a reach). Searching your forums I see there is probably a slight core difference between the Internal Discs and Fatshots, but no idea if you would ever see a performance difference, or at what point you would. I really don't want a 2:1 on this bike, and sound doesn't make that much of a difference for me (maybe louder instead of quieter but not that big of a deal). I really just want a good performing set of slipons. Any thoughts on performance between the IDs and FSs for my application?