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    I recently bought a Custom FXR. It's a Fat Guys Pro Street Frame with a V Twin Engine (Unsure what engine exactly) Numbers on the Engine look something like this AB04L****. I've found nothing so far. Previous owner said it was 1450CC Either HD or S&S Engine. I see no stamping of S&S on it. The carb is a S&S Shorty G.

    The exhaust on it is a Supertrapp. 2:1 Mega (I believe). Numbers on the tail pipe are 027-7144. Heat shield numbers are 051-7147 & 051-7091. I'm missing the end shield. Cannot seem to find the header Pipe numbers. But here's a photo of it.

    I need to find replacement brackets for this exhaust. The bracket this goes in the location of the white box is broken it needs to be replaced. I also need to find a bracket that holds the tail pipe located in the red box. It's missing and the tail pipe looks like it's ready to accept something there for support (See photo D) below. The heat shield that is located in the white box above is the heat shield that is missing as well. I need to replace it.

    Broken bracket.

    Photo D

    Also something looks missing here. End cap possibly? If so I need to find a suitable cap for my set up.

    I'm ready to order these parts if I could locate them. Any help is appreciated.
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