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Thread: Help me setup correct SuperTrapps for my VMAX12

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    Default Help me setup correct SuperTrapps for my VMAX12

    I bought a 2003 VMAX and the guy had put a set of SuperTrapps on it. I've been around enough race tracks that I do not like loud on my street bikes. I thought the SuperTrapps sounded terrible and (I've had other VMAX's in the past) hurt performance. Then I started doing some research and found all I have is the SuperTrapp pipes with zero discs or endcap.

    Air intake is stock and I don't think the guy knew enough to monkey with the jetting (I hope). After reading threads on this site, I now think (underline 'think') I need 6-8 discs on each side with closed endcaps and 12 new stainless screws.

    So, have at it if you will. I do like a good growl and rumble, but nothing like the Harley Heritage I have with open pipes. IMHO, I think my Harley sounds like a 70's era B&S lawnmower that needs a muffler and tuneup. Hopefully that doesn't offend anyone. I'm just trying to describe what I like. I do also have a modified crotch rocket; hey, it's fun at times. It's a ZX6RR with custom tuning, larger injectors and a cool looking and sounding Scorpion pipe coming right out of it's butt (wife's description). It runs in the low 11 second range in the 1/4 no problem, however, I am more comfortable cruising on my VMAX (and don't want someone on a 600cc bike like mine outrun me!)

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    I think you're on the right track starting with 6 - 8 diffusers per side. SuperTrapp's own FAQs how-to gives all the advise needed for tuning the number of diffusers from there. Lots of other helpful tuning info too.

    As for fine tuning, you sound like you have a good grasp of that too. I'll just through in a link to Factory Pro's CV carb tuning procedure. It's the one I used and I have nothing but praise for it.

    Hopefully the diffusers do the trick at quieting the exhaust note to your liking. They are limited in what they and the inner space volume of the ST exhaust can do. I run 9 diffusers on one of my 899cc ZX-9Rs 4-into-1 exhaust and 7 on the other. Coincidentally the gap for all the diffusers from each of my two ST units is 9/16." I think mine is just right on its dB, not so loud to attract attention, but loud enough so cars can hear the acoustic wave around my bike.

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