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Thread: 06 xl1200c, which exhaust

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    rubyeb Guest

    Default 06 xl1200c, which exhaust

    2:1 SYST:H-D XL (ALL), '04-12,CHROME 828-71202


    V-Twin Kerker 2:1 SuperMegs 2:1 KERKER,HD XL (ALL), '04-12,CHROME #128-71202

    which one or just the pluses of each. I have the v&h straightshots with the quiet baffle and I would go another notch quieter if I could.

    I noticed the dealer on PCH has a Screamin eagle ii, and those famous disks told me where they were sourced from.
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    bschultz Guest


    The SuperTrapp SuperMeg is the quieter of the two, plus offers the benefit of the disc assembly to control your exhaust flow. The Kerker is a few db's louder with a fixed core assembly.

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